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You can smoke outside on your balcony without issue. Exactly unless there is some overly anal strata law you're not doing anything illegal knock yourself out. As a renter I lived upstairs so didn't have a backyard and as every bloody REA makes it so you can't smoke inside anymore so I had to smoke out on the balcony. The NSW example only prohibits smoking in a private lot if smoke is infiltrating other lots, and therefore affecting neighbours. In this way, it appears to strike an acceptable balance between the need to minimise apartment residents’ exposure to secondhand smoke while respecting personal freedoms in private property.

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According to ETS Exposure in the Home, California law is silent on smoking in and around residences. Some localities have much more restrictive rules, as may some HOAs. For example, Santa Clara County Ordinance NS-625.6 prohibits smoking in common…

Can i smoke on my balcony nsw. If smoking is a big taboo (which i know it is) is there anywhere that you are able to smoke outside (if not on a balcony) many thanks in advance, avid smoker :(Report inappropriate content . 1-10 of 11 replies. Sydney, New South Wales . View all hotels. Top questions about Sydney. FAQ – Weather; Can you smoke within 4 metres of an entrance to or exit from a balcony, verandah, terrace or rooftop? Yes, provided these areas do not provide access to a place external to the premises and smoking is not otherwise banned under the Smoke-free Environment Act 2000. Will a person break the law if they pass by a public building while smoking? No. Burning wood, rubbish and vegetation in open fires and incinerators can cause smoke, which is a major cause of air pollution. To protect the environment and your health, there are only certain situations when fires can be lit outside in NSW.

Generally, you can establish the conditions on where and if a tenant can smoke. The strictness of the restrictions is up to you. Some landlords establish a smoking area somewhere on the property, such as outside at least 10 feet from the rental house, or in a certain area by the outdoor pool. Or, you can prohibit smoking on the entire property. The model by-laws include options for rules on permitting pets, preventing nuisance smoke and other lifestyle issues. By 30 November 2017, all schemes must have reviewed their by-laws. If your strata scheme decides that there should be changes, you can choose to adopt some or all of the model by-laws or adapt your current by-laws to better suit. Section 153 of the NSW Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 states that:. rubbish and cigarette butts being dropped from an upstairs balcony can be deemed a nuisance and therefore a breach of the by-laws – if your strata scheme has these by-laws in place.. Drifting cigarette smoke has also been included within possible nuisances within.

It can also increase the risk of lung cancer and other lung diseases. The ban is also in line with government policy. In NSW, the Smoke-free Environment Act 2000 was introduced to prevent the harmful effects of passive smoking by requiring most enclosed public places in NSW to be smokefree. You can toast bread, cook delicate foods or just keep cooked food warm by using your warming rack. 12. I'm Smokin'!!! Wood chip smoke can enhance the flavour of your food. You put the wood chips in a steel smoker box or in a small aluminium foil tray within the BBQ. Hickory is a good all-round choice, if you are just starting. Generally, you can only hang washing on your balcony if it can’t be seen from the street below or the common property. So if your balcony overlooks the street, use a portable airer that sits below the level of the balustrade. Hanging washing on the balustrade/railings is usually prohibited as it poses a risk such as; damaging property.

I’m in NSW, renting a unit and other tenants in the block smoke outside & on the balcony & the smoke drifts into my place. As I’m an asthmatic I find it very stressful. By the time I close windows & doors the smoke is inside. Their smoking causes smoke drift into our flat each time they smoke on the balcony. What can we do? I have been the tenant in my building for the past 9 years. For the last few months, the tenant in the apartment above ours regularly sits and has a smoke on the balcony. Their smoking causes smoke drift into our flat each time they smoke on the. NSW Government’s proposed strata law reforms: Submission from Cancer Council NSW Cancer Council NSW commends the NSW Government for considering the problem of secondhand smoke in strata schemes as part of strata law reform in NSW. The Sydney Morning Herald: Sydney landlord ordered to pay $11,000 to tenant because of chain-smoking neighbour

Also read our more recent blog post (Oct. 2018): Changes to the Smoke-Free Act Affecting Condos. As part of the province’s Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy, Ontario has taken a further step towards a smoke-free Ontario. As of January 1 st, 2015, it is illegal to smoke on or around children’s playgrounds, publicly owned sports fields/surfaces and all bar and restaurant patios (whether covered or. Now I know people have the right to smoke on their own balcony if they want to. But here's the thing. My and DP's flat has entirely south-facing windows, so when it's warm and sunny the place turns into a furnace. Can you smoke at night on your own balcony? – Nadeem, NSW Hello Nadeem, you will need to consult the by-laws for your strata plan, as there might be a by-law restricting smoking in totality at the plan.. If the by-law only restricts smoking on common property, then you are entitled to use your balcony as you wish. However, smoke drift is a.

Issues with excessive smoke from domestic wood burning can be reported to the local council. They can issue smoke abatement notices for residents who do not make an effort to prevent excessive emissions of wood smoke. View a list of NSW councils. About wood smoke . Reducing woodsmoke emissions “I live in a strata building. My neighbour smokes on his balcony, which is right outside my bedroom window. Can I take any action, or can only my landlord / agent do something?” – Cathy. We asked Property Manager at Professionals Lithgow, Tina Case, for her advice about what to do if you want to complain about a tenant smoking. In NSW, all residential strata buildings must be fitted with window safety devices so that the maximum window opening can be limited to less than 12.5cm. The devices must be able to withstand a force of 250 newtons (which is equal to 25 kilograms of force), and if the device can be unlocked or disengaged it must have a child resistant mechanism.

New NSW strata laws recognises smoking may cause nuisance or hazard to another person. The new legislation introduced in NSW in November 2016 has recognised that smoking may cause nuisance or hazard to another person. Further, it has introduced a new model by-law (which must be adopted) regulating smoke drift.. It offers two options to restrict smoke penetration in by-laws. Maybe. The answers to two questions will help determine this. 1. Are you legally (and per rules of your apartment complex) allowed to drink alcohol at said location? 2. Are you legally (and per rules of your apartment complex) allowed to smoke tob… Residents who smoke on balconies risk fines under strata bylaw changes. New smoking-specific bylaws have been proposed by NSW Fair Trading Minister Anthony Roberts as a way to give residents.

A balcony barbecue could set unit residents on the road to a $2200 fine under proposed changes to strata laws. Barbecue and tobacco smoke could fetch fines up to $2200 under proposed NSW strata laws

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